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At the end of 2005 Challenge first came to be when the founding members met at their high school named 'CSG Willem de Zwijger'. The school launced an art project that made it possible for students to develop different forms of art. Netty Mak-Helmig was leading the discipline of dance at that time with the idea that it had to be something new and unique. Contacting her son and daughter, Jelle Mak and Nienke Mak, they formed the idea of starting a wholesome group that combines dance with live percussion. After surrounding themself with more members to join Challenge, the group started writing different performances.

The first shows, only lasting 10 - 20 minutes, made it clear that their way of combining dance with live percussion was special. After a time of composing, choreographing and rehearsals they started doing more and more shows gaining them some recognition. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 they joined a Dutch national talent competition named 'Kunstbende'. Each year they won the regional contests allowing them to take part in the national finale. In 2007 they took second place.

In 2008 through 2011 offers for bookings came pooring in. The group got more used to playing bigger and more shows in a short period of time (including being the opening act to two shows of the 'Scapino Ballet'). During this period they also found the time to write a lot of new material and explore some other type of shows. The latter resulted in adding performances for elementary schools which were very well received.

After another period of creating new materials, their first own bigger show (named 'Remember, meet and become') was premiered in the venue 'Goudsche Schouwburg' in 2013. After some touring the group decided to take some time off.

Scince then Challenge has made a new show called 'Constructions' which had it's try-out in 2019. This try-out sold out immediately and was awarded many positive reviews by the audience (a sample of which is shown below). With Constructions Challenge is armed and ready to introduce people to the synergy of live dance and percussion.


More about Constructions can be read here

"Awesome and special! Never seen anything that original. Especially the dancing to the accents were very cool!"

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